Remove Line Breaks

Instantly remove all unnecessary line breaks from a list or text content

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Free Line Break Remover: Clean Up Text in Seconds

Tired of messy text filled with unnecessary line breaks? Our free tool helps you quickly remove line breaks from messy text content in seconds, saving you time and effort.

Here's the problem:

Copying text from websites, PDFs, or Word documents often includes extra blank lines and inconsistent formatting. Manually removing these line breaks and restructuring large amounts of text can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

This tool solves the problem by:

  • Removing Line Breaks: It removes all line breaks, turning your text into a single, continuous string.
  • Cleaning Up Whitespace (Optional): Remove any remaining spaces after line breaks are removed. (This is an optional step.)
  • Removing Empty Lines: Get rid of empty or blank lines, including double-spaced ones.
  • Formatting Options:
    • Insert a Single Space: Start each line with a single space (useful for adding numbers or symbols).
    • Indent with a Tab: Indent each line with a tab (which is equivalent to 4 spaces).
    • Insert Paragraph Breaks: Add an empty line between each text line for better readability.
    • Wrap Text in Paragraph Tags: Convert your text into HTML paragraphs enclosed by <p> tags.
    • Insert Line Breaks with <br> Tag: Add HTML line breaks (<br>) at the end of each line.