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Free Online Sentence Counter: Analyze Your Text Instantly

This free online sentence counter tool helps you analyze your text content instantly and know how many sentences are present in your text. Also, get valuable insights from your content, which includes:

  • Character Count: Understand the total number of characters in your content.
  • Word Count: See how many words are in your text.
  • Sentence Count: Track the number of sentences you've written.
  • Line Count: Know how many lines your text has.
  • Reading Time: Get an estimated reading time for your content (displayed in MM:SS format).
  • Top 10 Keywords: Identify the most frequently used single, double, and triple keywords in your content to understand your content's focus so that you can optimize it for SEO correctly.

This online sentence counter tool is very useful for:

  • Content Writers: To analyze their long-form content structure and keyword usage.
  • Content Editors: Help them optimize content for clarity and keyword density.
  • E-book Writers: Who can ensure proper formatting and readability by using this tool.
  • Speech Readers: To estimate speech duration based on word count.
  • SEO Specialists: Identify keyword opportunities for search engine optimization.

Instructions to use this sentence counter tool:

  1. Paste your text into the input box.
  2. The tool will automatically analyze your content and display the results.

Note: If you have unstructured text content, then first correctly format it using this free tool, "Text Formatter & Beautifier" then use this sentence counter tool for a better result.