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Free Online Text Formatter: Beautify and Clean Your Text

This free online tool is your one-stop text utility tool for all your text formatting needs. It's easy to use yet powerful, offering a variety of advanced features to format text, beatify your text, and clean the text.

Convert text format & styling using these features:

Text Cases:

  • Capitalize Sentence: Capitalize the first letter of each sentence for proper structure.
  • Capitalize Words: Make all words start with a capital letter (headlines, emphasis).
  • Uppercase: Convert everything to uppercase for emphasis.
  • Lowercase: Convert everything to lowercase (works with preformatted text).
  • Alternating Case: Create a fun and funky look with alternating uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Inverse Case: Swap uppercase and lowercase letters.

Text Styling:

  • Pascal Case: Capitalize the first letter of each word (variable names, filenames).
  • Camel Case: Similar to Pascal Case, but the first letter is lowercase.
  • Path Case: Lowercase all text, remove spaces, and insert slashes for file paths.
  • Hyphen Case: Lowercase all text, remove spaces, and insert hyphens (filenames).
  • Snake Case: Use underscores to separate words (variable names, class names).
  • Dot Case: Lowercase all text, remove spaces, and insert dots between words.
  • Constant Case: Similar to Snake Case, but all letters are uppercase (constants).

More Advanced Text Formatting Features:

In addition to the basic text formatting options, this text formatter tool also offers a range of advanced features to fine-tune your text:

  • Remove & Strip Characters: Eliminate specific characters (e.g., punctuation marks, symbols) from your text.
  • Remove Duplicate Lines, Words & Paragraphs: Clean up your content by removing any repetitive elements.
  • Remove or Trim Whitespace: Get rid of extra spaces, line breaks, or unwanted whitespace.
  • Remove HTML, Classes, IDs, or Inline Styles: Strip out HTML tags and formatting for a plain text output.
  • Find & Replace Text/Characters: Find and replace specific text or characters with something else.
  • Remove Web URLs, Hashtags, & Emails: Clean your text by removing unwanted web addresses, hashtags, and email addresses.
  • And much more...

Explore all the further functionalities to customize your text formatting needs!

How to Use the Text Formatter & Beautifier Tool?

Using this tool is very simple and straightforward:

  1. Paste or Type Your Text: Enter your text content into the input box.
  2. Apply Text Cases or Stylings: Click the corresponding buttons to format your text (sentence case, uppercase, etc.). The formatted text will appear in the output box.
  3. For additional other options:
    • Check on the required checkbox(es) for example removing duplicates or whitespace etc.
    • For Find & Replace:
      • Enter the text or character you want to replace in the first input box.
      • Enter the replacement text in the second input box.
  4. Now click "Format Text" button for Output:
    • Remember to click "Format Text" button every time you make changes such as checking or unchecking checkboxes or changing or updating your input text etc. to see the updated output.
    • Also Note that, Clicking "Format Text" button after making any adjustments ensures the changes are applied to your text.