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Free Online Text Cleaner: Clean Up Your Text in Seconds

This free online text cleaner is your all-in-one text cleaning and formatting tool for removing unwanted clutter and standardizing your text content. It helps you eliminate:

  • Unnecessary punctuation, characters, symbols, and emojis
  • Extra whitespaces and line breaks
  • Duplicate lines, words, and sentences
  • HTML tags, classes, IDs, and inline styles
  • Web URLs, hashtags, and email addresses
  • and much more.

25+ Powerful and Advanced Text Cleaning + Formatting Features:

With over 25+ cleaning and formatting functionalities, this tool can handle almost any text formatting task. It's ideal for:

  • Content Writers: Clean and format blog posts, articles, and website content.
  • Content Editors: Ensure consistency and remove unwanted elements from submissions.
  • E-book Publishers: Prepare e-books for publication with proper formatting.
  • SEO Content Optimizers: Optimize content for search engines without un-rankable text characters.

Here's what you can do with this text cleaner:

Character Removal:

  • Remove All Text Formats: Strip formatting like bold, italics, and underline.
  • Remove Punctuation: Eliminate commas, periods, question marks, etc.
  • Remove Special Characters: Get rid of symbols not essential to your text.
  • Remove Emojis: Clean up text by removing emojis.
  • Additional Options: Remove non-ASCII characters, letter accents, and normalize Unicode characters.

Whitespace Management:

  • Trim Whitespace: Eliminate excess spaces between words.
  • Remove Leading/Trailing Spaces: Clean up spaces at the beginning or end of lines.
  • Remove Empty Lines: Get rid of unnecessary blank lines.
  • Remove Line Breaks: Eliminate unwanted line breaks.

Duplicate Removal:

  • Remove Duplicate Lines and Paragraphs: Eliminate repetitive content.
  • Remove Duplicate Words and Sentences: Clean up redundancy within sentences.

HTML Tag Removal:

  • Remove HTML Tags: Strip out HTML code for plain text.
  • Remove Classes/IDs/Inline Styles: Clean up unnecessary HTML elements.

URL & hashtag management:

  • Remove Web URLs: Eliminate unwanted web addresses.
  • Remove Hashtags: Clean up social media hashtags.
  • Convert URLs to Links (optional): Optionally convert URLs into clickable links.
  • Strip Emails: Remove email addresses from your text.

Find & Replace:

  • Find and replace specific text, characters, or symbols with your desired alternatives.

Does this text cleaner work with all browsers?

Yes! This tool is built using JavaScript and works seamlessly on most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. It also functions across various operating systems, like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Just ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser to run this tool correctly.