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Know more about this removing html tags tool

Effortlessly Remove HTML Tags & Format text Online

This free online tool makes removing HTML tags from a string an effortless job. Now, you do not have to worry about manually removing any HTML tags, which takes hours.

This is a useful yet advanced HTML content removal tool that allows you to remove unwanted HTML tags with just a few clicks.

Let's know more about the advanced features of this tool:

  • Remove HTML Tags (Default): This is a primary feature that removes all opening and closing HTML tags (like <p>, <b>, or <div> and more ) from your text, leaving only the plain text content.
  • Remove Classes: This will clean up HTML by stripping out class attributes from HTML tags. For example:
    • Input: <p class="important">This is an important paragraph.</p>
    • Output: <p>This is an important paragraph.</p>
  • Remove IDs: This will remove all unique ID attributes that are assigned to the HTML elements. For Example:
    • Input: <h1 id="main-heading">This is the main heading</h1>
    • Output: <h1>This is the main heading</h1>
  • Remove Inline Styles: This will remove all inline styles that are defined directly within the HTML elements using the style attribute. For Example:
    • Input: <p style="color: red;">This text is red</p>
    • Output: <p>This text is red</p>

Additional Formatting Options (Optional):


  • Trim Whitespace: Removes unnecessary spaces between words.
  • Remove Leading Spaces: Cleans up extra spaces that are present at the beginning of lines.
  • Remove Trailing Spaces: Cleans up extra spaces  that are present at the end of lines.
  • Remove Empty Lines: Trims all blank / empty lines, including double-spaced lines.
  • Remove Line Breaks: Merges your text into a single continuous string by removing new line breaks.

Other Options:

  • Remove URLs: This removes all web addresses from your text.
  • Remove Hashtags: Removes hashtags (e.g., #socialmedia) commonly used on social media platforms.
  • Convert URLs to Links: This will transform plain text URLs into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Strip Email Addresses: Removes email addresses from your text content.

Benefits of Using This HTML Tag Remover Tool:

  • Save Time & Effort: Eliminates the hassle of manually removing HTML tags.
  • Improve Text Clarity: by removing HTML tags that clean your text content for easier reading.
  • Enhanced Formatting Control: Fine-tune your text with additional formatting options.