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Youtube Money Calculator | Check how much you can earn?

YouTube is among the most widely used social media platforms online. Every month, more than a billion people use YouTube. And that's a huge number of users!

If you're considering becoming a YouTuber, you may be curious about the potential earnings. So, before investing your time in YouTube, you should know and calculate the potential earnings. Considering how many people make money from YouTube, it makes sense that a money calculator has been developed. You can use this free tool to easily determine the potential earnings of your channel and its videos.

What is the YouTube Money Calculator?

- The YouTube Money Calculator tool is a free, simple, yet powerful tool for estimating your videos' potential earnings based on video categories, giving you valuable insights into your future YouTube income.

How do I use the YouTube Money Calculator tool?

This tool is very easy and straightforward to use. So, before we dive into the guide, let's discuss the tool options and parameters it offers:

  • Daily video views: Use this range slider to choose the number of video views per day you get, or leave it blank to use an assumed value.
  • Average engagement rate: This is a range selector with a range of 0% to 100%. The average engagement rate, also referred to as click-through rate (CTR), is a metric that represents the percentage of people who interacted with your YouTube video.

  • For example: Let's say your video reaches 1,000 people's feeds. The impressions would be 1,000, but only 400 people clicked on your video. This means your video's CTR would be 40%.

    Remember, this metric also includes people who liked, disliked, shared, or commented on your video.

  • Average percentage view: This range selector, with a range of 0% to 100%, represents the average percentage of people who watched your entire video.
  • Calculate CPM: CPM, which stands for cost per mile (1000 impressions), is the most important metric in our tool. This metric depends heavily on your video category, location, and some other factors.

To calculate using CPM, we offer two options:

  1. Video Category: Select your video category to show a minimum-to-maximum earnings estimate.
  2. Custom CPM: Use this option to enter your own CPM value for a more precise calculation.