Remove Duplicate Lines

Quickly remove duplicate lines or paragraphs from list

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Easily Remove Duplicate Lines from Any List with This Free Tool

This free tool, called "Duplicate Lines Remover" (also known as "Remove Duplicate Lines"), helps you remove repetitive and duplicate lines or paragraphs from any type of list content.

Here's how it's useful:

  • Clean Up Data: Remove duplicate phone numbers, email addresses, or any other entries within a list.
  • Eliminate Repetitive Paragraphs: Streamline your content by removing duplicate paragraphs.
  • Organize Student Records: Remove duplicate roll numbers and sort the list alphabetically.
  • Refine text content: eliminate duplicate lines and ensure a clean, concise text document.
  • And much more!


Duplicate Cleaning Options:

  • Remove Line Breaks: This option removes special characters that create new lines in your text, merging everything into a single continuous string.
  • Remove Blank/Empty Lines: This option eliminates empty or blank lines, including double-spaced lines, from your list.
  • Remove Duplicate Lines / Paragraphs: This feature effectively removes repetitive lines or paragraphs. However, it might not work perfectly if duplicates have extra spaces or symbols.

Sorting Options (Optional)

  • Don't Sort: This is the default option, leaving your list unsorted.
  • Sort Alphabetically: This option arranges your list in alphabetical order (A-Z).
  • Sort by Reverse Order: This option sorts your list in reverse order (Z-A or 9-0).