Find Duplicates

Instantly find or remove duplicates from a list

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Find, Count & Remove Duplicates from a list online

Free Duplicate Remover Tool

This easy-to-use online tool helps you find and remove duplicates from a lists with just a single click.


  1. Paste your list: Enter or paste your text list into the input field. Please note: entries in your list should not contain any blank lines, extra spaces or whitespaces in text.
  2. Word count displayed: Once you paste your list, the tool will automatically display the word, character, sentence, and line counts below the input field. (Double-check the line count if you pasted the text directly.)
  3. Find or Remove Duplicates: Click the "Find Duplicates" button to identify any duplicate entries within your list. This will extract only the duplicates and display them in the output field.
    If you want to remove duplicates from your original list, click the "Remove Duplicates" button. The tool will remove duplicates, and the remaining unique entries will appear in the output field.


This free online tool is particularly useful for managing large lists, such as student names, phone numbers, zip codes, and much more. It allows you to easily identify and remove duplicates, ensuring your data is clean and accurate.