Remove Whitespace From Text

Instantly clean your text by removing all whitespaces

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Know more about Removing whitespaces from text

This free online tool, "Remove Whitespace from Text," instantly removes all unwanted spaces from your text, including:

  • Double spaces
  • Tab spaces
  • Newlines

What is whitespace?

Whitespace refers to the blank spaces between your text's letters, words, lines, and paragraphs. It's very essential for readability, making your writing easier to understand. Imagine reading a block of text with no spaces; it wouldn't be fun! right?

Effortless Cleaning: How It Works?

  1. Simply paste your text into the input box.
  2. The tool scans your text for all whitespace characters and simply removes them.
  3. The cleaned-up text appears in the output box.

Want to remove even more whitespace?

Enable the "Trim All Single Spaces" checkbox to remove any remaining single spaces between words. This will create a single, continuous block of text.


Input Text: "This is a    sample    Text."

Output Text: "This is a sample Text."

Output Text (Trim Single Spaces): "ThisisasampleText." (Single Spaces Removed)