MM To PX Converter

Millimeter to Pixel converter tool


Unit Conversion chart

Millimeter Pixel REM Point Percent
0.265mm 1px 0.063rem 0.75pt 0.52%
0.53mm 2px 0.125rem 1.5pt 1.04%
0.795mm 3px 0.188rem 2.25pt 1.56%
1.06mm 4px 0.25rem 3pt 2.08%
1.325mm 5px 0.313rem 3.75pt 2.6%
1.59mm 6px 0.375rem 4.5pt 3.13%
1.855mm 7px 0.438rem 5.25pt 3.65%
2.12mm 8px 0.5rem 6pt 4.17%
2.385mm 9px 0.563rem 6.75pt 4.69%
2.65mm 10px 0.625rem 7.5pt 5.21%
3.18mm 12px 0.75rem 9pt 6.25%
3.71mm 14px 0.875rem 10.5pt 7.29%
4.24mm 16px 1rem 12pt 8.33%
4.77mm 18px 1.125rem 13.5pt 9.38%
5.3mm 20px 1.25rem 15pt 10.42%
5.825mm 22px 1.375rem 16.5pt 11.46%
6.36mm 24px 1.5rem 18pt 12.5%
6.895mm 26px 1.625rem 19.5pt 13.54%
7.43mm 28px 1.75rem 21pt 14.58%
7.965mm 30px 1.875rem 22.5pt 15.63%
8.5mm 32px 2rem 24pt 16.67%
9.455mm 35px 2.219rem 26.25pt 18.23%
10.6mm 40px 2.5rem 30pt 20.83%
11.745mm 45px 2.781rem 33.75pt 23.44%
12.72mm 48px 3rem 36pt 25%
17.545mm 65px 4.125rem 48.75pt 32.29%
25.4mm 96px 6rem 72pt 50%
26.458mm 100px 6.25rem 75pt 52.08%