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Youtube Video & Channel Monetization Checker

Our free YouTube Monetization Checker tools help you verify and check any YouTube video or channel monetization status with 100% accuracy. Even though it has now become harder to get monetization information, using our monetization checker tool, it's easier to find out the current status!

How to Check Youtube video and channel monetization manually?

if you want to manually check the YouTube monetization status, then there are some ways, so let's discuss them below!

  1. Check subscribers: This is the most common way to check. If a channel has more than 1000 subscribers and has a good number of YouTube videos with a minimum of 5000 views, then it might be monetized.
  2. Continuing with point 1, if it's monetized, then you'll surely see some ads on the videos!
  3. Check using page view source: If you are on a PC/desktop, simply right-click and click on "View page source" and search for 'yt_ad'; if it's present, that means that channel is fully monetized!
  4. Join button: Check if the channel has a 'Join' button beside the subscribe button; if it's there, that means the channel is fully monetized.

But remember, sometimes YouTube runs ads on its own on any non-monetized YouTube channel! So, that's a catch!! Now, you might be wondering how to know if the running ads on a video are from YouTube or if the video is actually monetized. So, for this, follow the above Point number 3.

There are requirements for a channel to get a join button, such as:

  • The channel needs to have more than 30,000 subscribers and especially for gaming channels, which only require 1000+ subscribers.
  • Channel owner should be an adult (18+)
  • The channel must be a part of YouTube Partner Program

These are some manual methods that you can use to verify the monetization status.

So, coming back to our free YouTube monetization checker tool, this tool was developed specially for users who are interested and curious to know more about the monetization status of any YouTube video or channel! So, you must try and share!